I would like to thank Dr. Park and his staff for the outstanding, gentle pain free experience. Dr. Park is greatly skilled in his craft. I finally found a dental professional who truly cares about his patients. My hat is off to a true professional. Thank you."
Scott Goodwin
Why go to Blue Bell Family Dentistry you ask? I will tell you they are the best! Before Blue Bell Family Dentistry, I did not have a dentist because I was afraid to go. When I was a child I had some terrible dental experiences.
A year ago I had a dental emergency and chose Blue Bell Family Dentistry for assistance. The receptionist was very friendly and helpful when I told her I had a fear of dentists. She assured me everything would be fine and they could help someone like me. My appointment was scheduled the next day. Blue Bell Family Dentistry took care of my emergency quickly and efficiently. Dr. Park took his time and did not rush through the process. He made sure I was relaxed and kept checking to make sure I was okay and not feeling any pain during the procedure.
The staff is professional, courteous and friendly. Dr. Park is the best!!!!! He puts your mind at ease and helps you relax while he gets the job done. If you are getting a cavity filled, Dr. Park will make sure you don't feel a thing. If you are just getting a cleaning the hygienist at Blue Bell Family Dentistry has such a soft touch you are done before you know it. No aching gums after a cleaning at Blue Bell Family Dentistry!
Please don't put off going to the dentist because you are afraid. The receptionist is right, everything will be fine. Call Blue Bell Family Dentistry; you will be glad you did. I am glad that I found them. It is so much easier keeping up with my dental check ups now that I go to Blue Bell Family Dentistry."
Dorothy R.
If you are looking for a dentist in Blue Bell area, Dr. Inkook Park is your best choice. Our family has been going to him for over 5 years and we have always received the most professional and high quality services."
Jessica Miller, Blue Bell
Our family would like to express it's sincere appreciation to Dr. Park, Dr. Kim and the wonderful, talented and gentle staff at Blue Bell Dentistry. About two years ago, my son, Kevin, finally expressed just how much daily pain he was suffering as a result of a mouth which was in utter disrepair. As a family we never noticed just how bad his teeth actually were because he only grinned and never smiled. So, he bit the bullet and with determination, he set forward on a journey. It was an arduous process, but Dr. Park and staff reassured him every step along the way. It took much planning on Dr. Park's behalf, but we are happy to share that Kevin now has a beautiful smile, is no longer in pain and laughs and smiles all the time! Thank you, Dr. Park!!!

Having witnessed the artistry which Dr. Park exhibited, I transferred from my former dentist and am a happy, satisfied patient of Blue Bell Dentistry!"
Mary Beth and Kevin
Our family have been patients for Family Dentistry since their opening and there are no other places that we would go to get our checkups and treatments. Friendly staff, quick and easy waiting time, well trained fellow and interns."
My family lives in South Jersey, but we've been going to the Blue Bell Family Dentistry for six years. We have to drive an hour but Blue Bell Family Dentistry is worth more than that. In particular, Dr. Kim is a really good doctor for children as well as adults. My 7 years old daughter loves to meet her anytime."
Lydia, Voorhees NJ