We invite you to browse our before and after photos of actual patients to get a glimpse of amazing smile transformations!
This is a typical result using porcelain veneers to create a beautiful smile in just 2 visits. A female patient had short teeth and unaesthetic bonding on her front teeth. Now, she has a perfect smile that is the envy of her friends. This treatment required only a small amount of alteration of her natural teeth. Again, another happy patient thanks to porcelain veneers.
A full mouth reconstruction case. This gentleman regained his smile and confidence.
Crowding occurs when the dental arch is too small to accommodate the teeth. People with severely crowded teeth are more susceptible to gum disease as it is difficult for them to brush and floss well.
[ Invisalign® ] In this before and after photos, you can see how we helped a college student with mild crowding get a better smile without braces.
This patient presented with two missing front teeth. He received two dental implants and became very confident with his smile.
Multiple dental implants are the best way to replace your missing teeth - no question about it. This patient presented with several missing teeth. After 4 months, posterior teeth were restored in place.